Alzheimers, Dementia and Memory Loss

If you or your loved one is worried about brain aging or memory loss, you may be overwhelmed with feelings of worry, frustration and sadness. But you are not alone. Our Memory Care team at Memorial Neuroscience Institute is here to help. We provide experienced, comprehensive and compassionate care for families facing a variety of complex cognitive conditions.

If you are experiencing memory loss, our team of neuroscientists can help. They are experienced in evaluating, diagnosing and treating a variety of cognitive conditions including:

  • Dementia
  • Alzheimer’s disease 
  • All stages of memory loss
  • Other treatable medical conditions that can affect memory

The best way to combat memory loss is to see an experienced team early. To make an appointment, call 954-265-9500.

Personalized Care for Memory Loss

Memory loss affects each person differently, so our team spends time getting to know you and your family. This allows us to tailor our care and services to meet your unique needs. Our team will work closely with your family to:

  • Develop a whole-person therapy plan geared towards preventing, reversing, or slowing memory loss
  • Create a plan to meet your personal and family goals
  • Prepare for challenges before they happen
  • Assist in obtaining resources in the community 
  • Coordinate care among other doctors or specialists if necessary
  • Help you obtain medical referrals if they are required by your insurance company
  • Provide access to a variety of services including testing and imaging, physical and cognitive therapy, and more

Preparing for Your First Appointment

To help our team provide the most comprehensive care, please bring the following – along with any other pertinent medical information – to your appointment: 

  • List of medications you are actually taking
  • CDs with recent brain imaging (preferred over radiology reports)
  • Recent laboratory test results (including thyroid, B12, folate, methylmalonic acid, HIV status, and syphilis screening)
  • Sleep study reports
  • Records from your last visit with your primary care physician or specialists
  • The contact information for your primary care physician and other members of your medical team

We look forward to meeting you soon. Together, we can work to prevent memory loss and help you cope with life’s challenges.