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  • marvin smith, ray shipmand and FNU partners

    Memorial Orthopaedics Surgery and Sports Medicine Center Named Official Provider for Florida National University

    The Memorial Healthcare System’s Division of Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine has been named the official sports medicine provider for Florida National University in Miami. This latest partnership continues Memorial’s commitment to providing top-notch healthcare to the community’s athletic teams and universities.

    This newest sports medicine partnership will enable Florida National University athletes to be treated in an expedited manner, so they can return to their respective sports as quickly as possible. It is a scenario that is common for larger universities’ athletic departments but less so for smaller ones.

    “We feel that every college athlete deserves the identical medical attention, and through our partnership, our goal is to provide that,” said Ray Shipman, director of business development and physician relations for Memorial’s Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Center. “At Memorial, we understand how important it is to have a multi-disciplinary sports medicine division, and we want all members of our community to be able to take advantage of it.”

    As the official sports medicine provider for Florida National University, the medical treatment of college athletes by Memorial physicians goes beyond injuries that may occur on the field or court. The partnership also enables college athletes to be seen quicker for other ailments or therapies, as well.

    “We are also focusing on preventative care, treating common colds, or really whatever these athletes need medically,” Shipman said. “Our physical therapy team is also a strong component of the partnership. We want to make sure these athletes are cared for in the best way possible.”

    This partnership between Memorial’s Division of Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine and Florida National University’s athletic department is the third such union for Memorial. The division is also the sports medicine provider for Florida Memorial University and University of Fort Lauderdale, aligning with its goal to meet all of the community’s healthcare needs.

    Memorial is the first of its kind in Broward County to have a fully comprehensive adult sports medicine program, with orthopaedic surgery, primary care, cardiology, rehabilitation and physical therapy specialists all in one program. Serving the Broward County area and surrounding communities, it provides advanced solutions to treat adults with sports injuries, help maintain sports performance, and prevent future injuries.

    Florida National University is a private university established in 1988. It features 11 athletic teams and is a member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA).

    The Memorial Sports Medicine Center is a fully-integrated, multi-disciplinary program based at Memorial Regional Hospital South consisting of specialists in orthopaedic surgery, primary care sports medicine and sports physiatry, sports cardiology, and sports medicine physical therapy. The program provides injury care, treatment for chronic musculoskeletal conditions, and routine checkups that include cardiac screening for athletes, performing artists, first responders, and other active adults.

  • Custom Rod & Reel check presentation

    Custom Rod & Reel Inks Title Sponsorship Deal With Conine All-Star Golf Classic

    The Conine All-Star Golf Classic, an annual fundraiser for the Conine Clubhouse at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood, is pleased to announce Custom Rod & Reel will remain its title sponsor for the next five years. The deal extends a philanthropic partnership between the South Florida-based company and the children’s hospital’s nonprofit foundation that began in 2012.

    The celebrity golf event, which will tee off for the 28th consecutive year in January, underwrites expenses at the clubhouse, a hotel-like facility where families can stay for free while their child is hospitalized.

    “It’s not fair for any family to have to bring their child to the hospital, let alone stay for long periods of time. That family, any family, wants to stay as close to their child as possible, and that’s what the Conine All-Star Golf Classic funds go towards,” said Daniella Jordan, a representative of Custom Rod & Reel.

    The Conine All-Star Golf Classic, hosted by former major league ballplayer Jeff Conine and his wife, Cindy, has raised more than $7 million to underwrite the facility’s operating expenses. More than 13,000 families have resided there, staying close to sick kids during critical times in their lives.

    Alan Rutner Jeff Conine

    “This tournament has had an incredibly long run and we wouldn’t have been able to have the impact we do without Custom Rod & Reel,” said Jeff Conine. “They have been extremely generous with us and a difference-maker for the families we assist.”

    The 2022 event will take place January 17 at the Fort Lauderdale Country Club and features a celebrity in each foursome.

    To play in the tournament or to become a sponsor, contact Craig Cohen at 954-265-7241 or

  • MCVI logo

    Memorial Cardiac and Vascular Institute Heart Specialists Joined National Study Looking at Potential Treatment for Cardiac Condition

    Do you experience frequent chest pain (angina) but have been told that you have normal (or non-obstructed) coronary arteries? Cardiology experts are standing by at Memorial Cardiac and Vascular Institute ready to diagnose this cardiac condition.

    “There is a type of heart disease affecting the tiny (micro) arteries in your heart, unlike more familiar types of heart disease, which affect the larger arteries, and this disease is known as coronary microvascular dysfunction (CMD),” said Jonathan Roberts, MD, Medical Director, Clinical Research and Education, Interventional Cardiology Program Director, Memorial Healthcare System. “Not many Cath Labs are set up to diagnose this important problem, but we are experts at doing this at Memorial.”

    People with CMD experience frequent chest pain, also called angina, during normal daily activities like shopping, cooking and going to work, but the underlying cause of their chest pain is different from that caused by more common types of heart disease. Traditional test, such as an angiogram, are only able to detect problems with the large arteries and not designed to detect issues within tiny heart arteries. However, in patients with CMD, the walls of these tiny coronary arteries are damaged or diseased, reducing flow of blood to the heart muscle and resulting in the symptoms of chest pain.

    While there are some treatments to help patients manage this disease, MCVI now has joined a national research study that is looking at investigational cell therapy as a potential treatment to reduce or resolve chest pain in the population of patients who have this disease. MCVI is the only cardiac institute in Florida that is part of the FREEDOM Trial.

    FREEDOM Trial – Investigational Cell Therapy

    The FREEDOM Trial is evaluating a type of investigational cell therapy, not yet approved by the FDA, using a patient’s own cells to potentially repair damage to the tiny blood vessels, called microvasculature. The treatment is delivered via a minimally invasive, catheter-based procedure and serious complications are considered rare.

    Patients who meet the criteria include: Men or women 18 years and older experiencing angina at least three times per week; prior diagnosis of CMD; and no obstructive coronary artery disease. To enroll in the study, call 954-265-4184.